Tips: how to look perfect for your Bridal Glamour Portrait Session

Ready for your Bride Session? Here some helpful posing tips.

Turn sideways
When standing, angle your body at 45 degrees. This creates a slimmer profile than if you were to face the camera head-on.

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Open your eyes
To avoid looking sleepy in every frame, opening your eyes as wide as you can a few seconds before the picture is taken.

Laugh a little
Giggle out loud when your photographer starts snapping (or ask someone to tell a joke)—it will give you a more natural smile.

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Use the right flash
“Make sure your photographer is using  the correct lighting to eliminate red eye

Lower Your Flowers
Hold your flowers low, just below your belly button. You don’t want to hide your gorgeous gown or a trim waistline behind a large bouquet.

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Article Source: shape magazine

Let’s talk… self esteem

Our Genre can experience a challenging time recognizing the need for self love. I love this video is a great example of how self esteem plays an impact on our lives.

 I think every woman from 10-100 should watch this video. It should be shown in schools, churches,… anywhere and everywhere!   We all need to learn to see the REAL ourselves and just be the beautiful person God created!

As a Woman I think that every Woman should have a Beautiful Glamour Portrait no matter your age, your weight, your size.   Glamour  Sessions are so much more than just a photo shoot… A portrait session can help you to rediscover your true beauty, it’s a journey, improves  self esteem and body image, It really,  really can help you to discover that you’re more beautiful than you think.  Please take a chance on learning to love yourself, give yourself more reasons to be happy about who you are.

stay beautiful
~ Claudia ~