Wedding Wednesday. 5 tips for your Wedding ~ Indianapolis, Indiana … Part 2 – Continuation

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…  Part 2 – continuation from last post


6. Do not create a ridiculous shot list. Please, for the love of sweet tea, do not create a shot list with specific poses or moments. (You know the ones I’m talking about: they include things like “Dad whispering last minute advice to groom” and “bride’s parents whispering to each other during dinner.”) Remember why you hired your photographer, trust him, and give him room to let his creativity shine. Asking him to recreate something he or someone else has already done before will not give him the time or space to create something amazing for your special day. Instead, try showing your photographer some of your favorites from his portfolio, which will help him understand the work you’re attracted to.

7. DO create a formal shot list. On the other hand, it’s important to think carefully about the formal groupings that you’d like captured either pre- or post-ceremony. Try to keep the list to ten or fewer combinations (i.e. bride and groom with bride’s parents, bride and groom with all siblings) to avoid impatience and stress. When you give the list to your photographer, be sure to include names — this will help her direct the portrait session smoothly and kindly!

8. Communicate with the VIPs. Once you’ve got that great shot list, be sure to share it with all the people involved. Email them a copy in advance, print out more copies for the day of – whatever it takes! Make sure they know where to be, when to be there, and what they should be wearing so you’re not scrambling after everyone on the big day.

9. Plan for capturing the details. In addition to gorgeous portraits, many of y’all want your photographers to capture the details you’ve worked so hard on. This requires communication, too! If possible, work with your planner/venue/special helpers to set up the reception space as early as possible, so that your photographer can snap the details either pre-ceremony or during cocktail hour, before guests have entered the space and ideally while there’s still natural light outside.

10. Again. Enjoy every single second of your Wedding Day!

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AB Quinceañera Photoshoot and Party ~ Conrad Marriott Downtown Indianapolis

We were so honored to be chosen to photograph AB’s sweet 15′s. We want to say thank you to AB’s parents for allowing us to be a part of her journey! AB looked so beautiful, Mom and Dad couldn’t have been prouder. Thank you AB for choosing us as your photographer and Videographer!, ALL the best wishes for your future!

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Quinceañera Photo shoot, CNE Photography Indianapolis

A few days ago I have the opportunity to Photograph AB for her sweet 15s. AB is a true model, she loves to pose for the camera! I can’t wait to photograph AB‘s Quinceañera later this year. Below you will see some of my favorites from her sweet 15′s Glamour portrait session. Some of this photos would be choosen for her parents for the Canvas Display and a Slideshow at the party.

En dias pasados tuve la oportunidad de hacer el Photo shoot para los Quince de AB, una hermosa señorita que entra en esta nueva etapa de su vida, la sesion de fotos fue muy divertida AB tiene un hermoso caracter, preciosa sonrisa y es una modelo natural! Sus Padres son de Peru, unas personas lindisimas. Aqui les dejo unas de mis fotos favoritas de su sesion de glamour. Algunas de estas fotos se exhibiran en la recepción y se proyectaran en un Slideshow.

Esta es una de mis fotos favoritas de su sesion de Glamour.

Feliz Cumpleaños Ana Belen!

One of my favorites  from Ana Belen Sweet XV ~ photo shoot.
One of my favorites from Ana Belen Sweet XV photo shoot.

Para mi linda gente hispana que celebra esta hermosa tradición.

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