Once upon a time… A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, long-long ago there was a wishing star.
She, unlike a billion other bright shining stars, was magic.
Bored with her galaxy, she began to wander far away.
Streaking through the atmospheres was very hot, but not tragic.

Pausing to wonder with much time to ponder, she cast her spell.
“Tiny goblins on Halloween, by light one wish I will grant.”
Who should be the recipient of this very special wish?
Earth children roaming streets that night in one hand my gift, I’ll plant.

Oh who should receive my amazingly special gift of light?
So many young ones, in who’s humble heart this wish I could grant.
Out of all the precious children that have come within my sight.
The child who has the purest wish is the one I will enchant.

I’ll sprinkle on my chosen one, crystal glitters, gold balloons.
A ride follows to fairyland, ending on the golden moons.
With a magical flight through a rainbow high where dreams come true,
And a house of candies in the land of Marshmallow-Lagoons…

Oh, that magical light shining through sweet cotton candy clouds,
Her wish she may…her wish she might…there’s one ghoul she’ll bless that night.
Of princesses, fairies and goblins, a good heart will be found.
Quickly child, make your pure wish, before the magic star takes flight.

CONTRIBUTING POETS: Charmaine Chircop, Carolyn Devonshire, James Marshall Goff, John
 Loving III, Robin Gass, Raul Moreno, Ruben D. Ortellao, Patricia Prescott,
 Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Fairy Tale Photo Shot, Sweet XV's Photoshot, Quinceañera Photo shot, CNE Photography
Fairy Tale Photo Shot , CNE Photography,

Quinceañera Photo shoot, CNE Photography Indianapolis

A few days ago I have the opportunity to Photograph AB for her sweet 15s. AB is a true model, she loves to pose for the camera! I can’t wait to photograph AB‘s Quinceañera later this year. Below you will see some of my favorites from her sweet 15′s Glamour portrait session. Some of this photos would be choosen for her parents for the Canvas Display and a Slideshow at the party.

En dias pasados tuve la oportunidad de hacer el Photo shoot para los Quince de AB, una hermosa señorita que entra en esta nueva etapa de su vida, la sesion de fotos fue muy divertida AB tiene un hermoso caracter, preciosa sonrisa y es una modelo natural! Sus Padres son de Peru, unas personas lindisimas. Aqui les dejo unas de mis fotos favoritas de su sesion de glamour. Algunas de estas fotos se exhibiran en la recepción y se proyectaran en un Slideshow.

Esta es una de mis fotos favoritas de su sesion de Glamour.

Feliz Cumpleaños Ana Belen!

One of my favorites  from Ana Belen Sweet XV ~ photo shoot.
One of my favorites from Ana Belen Sweet XV photo shoot.

Para mi linda gente hispana que celebra esta hermosa tradición.

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