Survivor Portrait Session ~ breast cancer education and awareness.

I believe that is too sad that some people has to pass throughout a challenges like a disease, but I firmly believe that in disease is where you really get to know the people with whom you can count. I’ve always believed everything happens for a reason and everything that happens to us is an opportunity to make us grow and mature.
“We have little control over the things that life throws at us but we always have the choice of how we face them”

This is the first year of my Survivor Portrait Project. I feel great having started this chapter in my life, that it allowed me to meet wonderful Women as Rochelle who does not give up by adversity. With a beautiful smile Rochelle says “I’m blessed to have my life”, after battling cancer she learns to enjoy every moment with her beautiful family and closest friends, Rochelle is so fortunate to be a mother of one beautiful girl and a handsome boy and she counts with their invaluable love, her parents and friends had been a wonderful support for her at this stage of her life.

(click the Picture for the slideshow)
Rochelle BC Survivor Portrait Session
Rochelle BC Survivor Portrait Session

Thank you so much Rochelle for participating in this project, for allowing me to capture your strength and beauty, and letting other women know about the importance of early detection.

Knowledge is power, please take your time to read this interesting article:

What every woman should know
Stay beautiful,


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